Oscar wrap: Who wore those stairs best?


HOLLYWOOD: Following last night’s Oscar glam-fest, there is only one question on everyone’s lips – who wore those stairs best?

Popular opinion suggests a two-horse race between freshly-minted star Jennifer Lawrence and tri-gong-getter Daniel Day Lewis.

And while the usual suspects of Valentino and Armani were well represented on the red carpet, it was the little known Dario’s Interior Furnishings that really had tongues wagging.

Fans and fashionistas alike swamped Twitter to praise Lawrence’s show-stealing front-mounted flight of stairs.

Her bold choice to partner with a commercial fitter was there for all to see when the star accepted her best actress nod – pausing with confidence to display a ravishing six-step modest-gradient flight with silver trim and modern lighting tips.

Designer-to-the-stars Mindy Watkin gushed that the fashion “revelation” would open the door to big and bright new designs in the years to come.

“Her look screamed ‘sure I’m stairs but don’t tread on me’,” Watkins said.

“Nothing’s off the table now – in fact, why not wear a table. Next year I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this structure wear or ‘StuWear’.”

Rumour has it that Anne Hathaway even took a late-night cue from Lawrence and, according to a Hollywood insider, “really wore the shit out of a door frame at the Vanity Fair after party; just proper ate it”.

But not everyone is falling in with Team Lawrence. Calvin Klein was quick to dismiss the “flash in the pan” and  backed Daniel Day Lewis’ turn on the big stage.

“The way he wore those steps underfoot, one at a time, just spoke elegance and tradition. Classic straight lines; masterful,” Klein beamed.

“She just looked sloppy. Plus, it’s derivative. In the 80s and 90s stars like Robert Downey Jr wore flights of stairs all the time – and did it properly.”

But the real impact may be felt on main street with retailers already reporting a massive surge in online staircase orders.

Don Boskovitz from Bargain Refits is already riding the wave.

“I normally do public facilities; bathrooms, that sort of thing. I have no idea what I am doing.”

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