Whatever it takes











– Welcome aboard, rookie.

– Thanks, coach, great to be part of the team.

– Damn right it is. How’s the milkshake?

– Fine thanks.

– Finish it.

– To be honest, it is actually kind of bitter.

– Finish it!

– Okey dokey.

– Good boy.

– *cough* -yuk. What was that?

– Success.

– My mouth feels furry.

– Yeah that’ll happen. Mind if I throw a few slogans at you while we wait? Feel the burn. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Whatever it takes.

– *burp*

– Feel anything yet, rookie?

– What?

– Oh…nothing.

– Coach, I actually have a quick question.

– Shoot up.

– …?

– I mean ‘shoot’.

– Why is your neck pulsing?

– It’s just doing a few reps.

– Reps.

– Yeah, reps.

– By itself?

– Yep.

– Is that normal?

– It will be. Any-who, we’ll just need you to sign this before the first surge.

– Oh. Right. Dad said I should get our lawyer look over anything else.

– What, are you a kid or something?

– Pretty much.

– He prob–

– She.

– Right, she, your lawyer probably shouldn’t. She’s not part of the club culture. Another shake?

– I’m good for shake.

– You have to because team spirit.

– That’s not really an answer.

– It is because team spirit and club culture. Now feel the burn and finish this delicious mystery bowl.

– Whatever it takes.

– Atta boy.

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