Thy will be done


In Heaven, God freaks out about losing adherents in Australia.

God: Shit, look, we are proper shedding numbers. We need to sort it out; really hit them with a big sign to drive ’em back to the flock.

Mother Nature: Classic.

God: I know, right. So hit me – what’s handy?

MN: Let me see… I’ve got fire, flood and-

God: Yes! Perfect.

MN: Fire?

God: And floods.

MN: And floodsplural?

God: Yeah. That- fires and floods. Heaps.

MN: Isn’t all that, well, a bit much?

God: I don’t follow.

MN: Well, in terms of a sign, it might be a bit full on and confusing.

God: Confusing?

MN: I could just do a whole bunch of rainbows to really push that majesty-of-god angle.

God: Look, I don’t have time for this. It’s all part of ‘The Plan’ but chuck in a rainbow if you must.

MN: Just the one?

God: Yep. Whatever.

MN: Where?

God: Shit, I don’t know. Gympie, maybe a double one, I’ll leave it up to you but let’s get this rolling, I’ve got a 5 o’clock in Houston. I have to help some dude find his car keys.

MN: Maybe I could just do the rainbows and skip the awfulness.

God: That is mental.

MN: Fair enough. Look, just so I know we’re on the same page can I have a peak at ‘The Plan’.

God: No.

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3 thoughts on “Thy will be done

  1. Hahaha.. “That is Mental.”

  2. tynedaile says:

    I want to see the stage-show of this. Badly

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